AMS Pharma

AMS Pharma provides a variety of services to the Healthcare Industry. Our competitive edge is our consultants. We employ highly skilled and motivated professionals who work in an integrated manner, to provide superior assistance to our clients in the following areas:

Business Development

Registering pharma start-ups with getting approval of  relevant authorities and facilitating the growth of firms.

Sale & Purchase and build up of Pharmaceutical & Raw material Plants.

Pharmaceutical Plant Sale & Purchase & its due diligence

AMS offers project management of pharmaceutical manufacturing & raw material producing plants from ground level to market its products & raw materials through our well experienced team

Product Manufacturing

Aiding the process of product manufacturing by finding licensed manufacturers for our clients’ products.

Copyright/Patent/Trademark Registration

Helping our clients protect their brand name/logo.

Imports & Export

Assisting our clients acquire imports of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical equipment, laboratory equipment, medical devices and other products.

Facilitate to Export their products to outside Pakistan