AMS Intellectual Property

AMS Intellectual Property

Get information about Intellectual Property agents in Pakistan & Business Development. Trademark, mark, logo, & Copy right Consultants, dedicated team of professionals’ we assist their clients in finding trademark, Patent & Copy Right in Pakistan.

Handling of Intellectual Property

We render a complete range of legal services and try to resolve cases early for the acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of AMS intellectual property in the following areas.

  • Patent, Trademark, Copy right, Published content etc.
  • Handling of IP Portfolio / IP Watch:
  • Investigations and Background Checks of Intellectual Property
  • Preparation of Agreements and its registration
  • Trademarks Search & Sourcing
  • Registration of Intellectual Property rights
intellectual property

Manage of Intellectual Property Assets

  • Authorization & Franchise
  • Licensing
  • Publicity & Marketing agreements & contacts
  • Advertiser contracts
  • All type of agreements, Sale & sharing
  • Change, transfer & Sale of Intellectual Property

Manage of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Civil or Criminal Litigation
  • Conflicts
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Capture through law imposition, seizures and preventive measures through relevant trade associations, etc.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Other Services for formation of Company:

  • SECP (Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) Company formation & Registration of Limited Company as per alignment of Pakistani Law.

In addition to the above, the Firm shall provide any other legal services as required by the Client.

Fees and Expenses

The provision of services shall be charged as per scope of assigned work. Our fee charges are comparing economical.